Port Lligat is on the outskirts of Cadaqués in the north of the Costa Brava. It is a natural, sheltered harbour and serves as the entry point to the protected Cap de Creus National Park, renowned for its flora and fauna and amazing geological rock formations, which can be seen as a major influence in Salvador Dalí’s work. Cap de Creus is the only nature reserve in Spain that covers both land and sea. A protected area of some 90 hectares, it forms the largest uninhabited area in the Spanish Mediterranean. Fauna and flora of the area are quite unique and comprise a variety of very rare species of sea-birds in danger of extinction. The rocky coast is continually broken up by small bays, many of which are only accessible on foot or by boat and the area around the Cap is renowned as an underwater paradise for divers.

Dalí lived and painted here until the death of Gala, his wife and muse, in 1982. Bought in 1932 and extended over the years, Dalí’s house is just a short stroll from Ses Vistes. After his death it became a museum in 1997 and is maintained much as it was when Dalí and Gala lived and famously entertained there. Dalí loved the place, claiming that, as the eastern most point of the Pensinsula, he was the first person to see the sun rise every morning over Spain. Now, anyone staying at Ses Vistes can enjoy the same experience.